The best seasoning for French fries – check how to serve French fries

A selective focus shot of French fries with melted cheese and sliced sausage on a wooden table

French fries are consistently a favourite snack for children and adults. They are ideal for satisfying minor hunger as well as a side dish for the main dinner course. Filling and tasty, easy to prepare and serve on the go. Therefore, it is not surprising that the vast majority of catering establishments have French fries on the menu. Apart from the conventional version with ketchup, French fries can be served in several ways. Find out what seasonings you can add to your French fries when you serve these iconic fried potato snacks.

The conventional way: French fries with ketchup or mayonnaise

French fries with ketchup and mayonnaise is a combination that everyone knows. Ketchup, mayonnaise or a combination of the two is a must-have addition for many French fries lovers. But French fries taste great with other additions too. This provides a quick and easy way to add variety to the French fries you serve.

French fries and dips

All kinds of dips – whether mayonnaise-based, tomato-based or Greek yoghurt-based – will go well with French fries. You can prepare garlic, mustard, dill or tzatziki sauces easily and quickly. When serving French fries with sauces, it is a good idea to consider the choice of French fries packaging box. For safety, it’s best to put the sauce in a separate container. The use of the French fries box will make the delivery of the dish more convenient and the fries will remain crispy.

Crispy fried onion

French fries and crispy fried onion? But of course! It’s another idea for adding variety to your French fries. The perfect option for those who enjoy crispiness. The crispy fried onions are best sprinkled over the French fries with the sauce. This will ensure that the dish not only tastes delicious, but also looks delicious.

Fresh herbs

Herbs also go well with French fries. Fresh herbs such as chives or arugula will make the dish extraordinarily fresh and herbal, with a unique flavour. You can sprinkle the chopped herbs on the French fries directly or on top of the previously added sauce. The intense green contrasted with the golden colour of the fries gives this classic snack a very appealing new look.

French fries seasoning

Fried potatoes with ketchup and Mayonnaise isolated on white background

Ready-made seasoning for French fries is the perfect solution for any catering business. The right blend of herbs and spices gives the French fries a completely new taste, a pleasant flavour and makes them appealing in seconds. Using ready-made solutions ensures that your dishes are reproducible and reduces preparation time.

French fries for both meat eaters and cheese lovers

Bacon, chorizzo, pulled pork – you can successfully use these meaty additions to prepare fries in a new, original version. They are sure to delight meat eaters. On the other hand, cheese lovers are sure to be tempted by the cheese French fries. Hot French fries sprinkled with shredded cheese look tempting and taste even better! It is a good idea to choose a cheese that will ‘pull’ appetisingly, such as cheddar. Hard cheeses such as Parmesan will work well too.

Spicy French fries

When preparing a selection of French fries in many guises, it is also worth to keep in mind customers who prefer spicier dishes. How to prepare spicy French fries? You can add chilli or Jalapeno peppers to the sauce for the fries, or use ready-made solutions and serve with ready-made hot sauce.

French fries not only from potatoes

When we say ‘French fries’, we usually think of potatoes, but after all, French fries can also be other vegetables cut into thin bars. Celery, carrots and beetroot will work well for this role. Sweet potatoes, or oven-roasted yams, are an ideal warm snack for toddlers and can be placed on the Kids Menu.

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